Tips To Help Your Beloved Cat Recover From Her Spaying Procedure

Posted on: 27 March 2020

You know that spaying is the best thing for your female cat in the long run, but you probably still feel a bit bad for her having to undergo this surgery. The good news is that most cats recover from spaying with no serious complications and within a week or two. There are also some things you can do to make your cat's recovery easier and more comfortable.

1. Bring a cone home from the vet, just in case.

Some cats bother their incisions, while others do not. If your cat does start licking at her incision, then she will need to wear a cone on her neck to prevent this behavior. These only cost a few dollars, so just bring one home from the vet's office from the get-go. This way, you have a cone on-hand and you can put it on your cat at the first sign of licking before she has the chance to cause any damage.

2. Put her food, bed, and other items within easy reach.

Your cat should not, and will not want to, do any extra activity for the first few days after being spayed. Make sure her food and litter box, along with any beds she likes to sleep on, are all within easy reach. Put everything on the floor, not on a table or chair, and don't expect her to traverse any stairs to reach these essentials.

3. Give her soft food.

Even if you normally feed your cat wet food, switch her over to soft food for a week or two after the procedure. This will help stimulate her appetite, so she eats and gets the nutrients she needs for a speedy recovery. Wet food also tends to make cats' stool softer and easier to pass, which she will appreciate while her incision heals.

4. Administer pain relievers preemptively.

Most vets will prescribe a pain-relieving medication after a cat is spayed. Rather than wait until your cat shows signs of pain to give this medication, give it preemptively and as often as your vet recommends. It can be tough to tell if a cat is in pain; they often mask their pain. This way, you can be confident you are providing relief.

If you have any additional concerns about your cat's recovery, ask your vet. They will be happy to answer questions about spaying in general, along with methods to help keep your cat comfortable.